Filling And Packaging

Filling And Packaging

Bajaj Processpack Limited offers a variety of packaging solutions for Pulp, Puree, Paste and Juice concentrates as per the market demand..

We manufacture machines for different packaging options like bottles, cans, Aseptic Drums (Bag-In-Drum), Bag-In-Box, Sachet, Spout Pouches etc. This includes a huge range of packaging size variations ranging from a few grams sachet to 220 Kgs. Bag-In-Drum.

The company offers following filling and packaging options

  • Aseptic Sterilizer and Filler
  • Automatic Can Filling and Seaming machine
  • Automatic Linear Piston Filler and Capper
  • Automatic Rotary Piston Filler and Capper
  • Aseptic Bag in Box Filling Machine

Other Business Segments

Bajaj Processpack Limited was founded in 1988 by a group of technocrats and engineers, who were pioneers of this industry with decades of experience in food processing and packaging industry. Over the years our company adopted and integrated latest technologies available worldwide and collaborated with key international players.