Inspection/Cutting/Sorting/ Preparation

Inspection/Cutting/Sorting/ Preparation


This is the first stage of any fruit and vegetable processing plant where the raw material (Fruits & Vegetables) are fed.

The Fruits & Vegetables undergo manual inspection. The Rotten or damaged products are removed manually and then conveyed to next stage. These equipment are also used for separation of fruits & vegetables in two different categories.

The major equipment includes:-

  • Infeed Conveyor/Screw-Type Conveyor
  • Sorting and Fruit Cutting Conveyor
  • Roller Fruit Sorting Conveyor
  • Bucket Elevator

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Bajaj Processpack Limited was founded in 1988 by a group of technocrats and engineers, who were pioneers of this industry with decades of experience in food processing and packaging industry. Over the years our company adopted and integrated latest technologies available worldwide and collaborated with key international players.