Washing/Preparation Section

Washing/Preparation Section

Bajaj Processpack understands the health and hygiene are one of the most vital parameter in designing of any food processing plant.

The company invests a lot of time and effort in designing different designs of washers and preparations equipments. There exists a large variation in shape, size, geometry and texture of different fruits & vegetables which requires special skills to design the equipment.

The expertised design and engineering team of Bajaj Processpack Limited ensures that the fruits & Vegetables are thoroughly cleaned before they are processed.

The company offers a variety of Fruit & Vegetable washer, which include:-

  • Fruit & Vegetable Washer
  • Continuous Roller Brush Washer
  • Roller Drum Washer

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Bajaj Processpack Limited was founded in 1988 by a group of technocrats and engineers, who were pioneers of this industry with decades of experience in food processing and packaging industry. Over the years our company adopted and integrated latest technologies available worldwide and collaborated with key international players.