High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Non-Thermal environmentally friendly pasteurization technology involving minimal temperature rise. Post-packaging
pasteurization process that involves the product, sealed in final packaging, subjected to isostatic pressure of 400 ? 600 Mpa
by water which inactivates flora/pathogens (bacteria, virus, yeast, mold) thus extending shelf life without adding any
Suitable for pasteurization of food products like salads / Juices / Sauces / Smoothies / Ready to eat meals.
Application limited to flexible packaging like PET / PP Bottles and Trays / Flexible Pouches that can withstand compression
during processing. Preserves flavor, nutritional value, taste & color of the package product.
Available in following vessel capacities
55L - 200mm dia
135L - 300mm dia
300L - 300mm dia

  • Canning
  • cans